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Path of Exile
  • Developer: Grinding Gear Games
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Version: 3.13.0
User Rating: Rating 4.66

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Release Date
23 October 2013
Grinding Gear Games
Grinding Gear Games
Action role-playing
Windows PC, Xbox, PlayStation


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Lucas Nelson

Path of Exile is an ARPG set in a dark fantasy world. Software is based on same engine as popular Diablo series. Product is "pay-to-win" meaning that application is free to play, but those who spend money can buy goods that can give them an advantage. Software has a lot of content and is still being updated. Program is a hardcore action RPG. If a player dies in game, they lose character they were playing and all of items they had collected. This is a major difference between Path of Exile game and other RPGs and it makes the game a lot more difficult. Appplication has many of replayability because of this.

Graphics in application are not best graphics out there, but they are still very good. As for gameplay, game is very difficult and not for faint of heart. Players will die a lot in this game, but game is still very fun to play. Software is a lot of fun when playing with friends, but playing by oneself can still be very fun. I would recommend this game to players who enjoy playing difficult games and to someone who likes playing in a world of dark fantasy.


Graphics in Path of Exile download are stunning. Software is played in a 3D world, with a camera that can moved freely. World is filled with detail, is beautifully rendered. Animations are fluid, combat is satisfying. Product has a 7-year history of being consistently updated with new content, graphics have been upgraded to a point where they look modern, cutting-edge. Graphics in Path of Exile PC game are amazing. Program has beautiful graphics. Product is set in a dark fantasy world, graphics are done in a way to represent this. World is dark, moody, has a certain sinister atmosphere to it. Monsters you encounter in application have an eerie look, adding to atmosphere. Program has a lot of detail, colors are vibrant.


Product Path of Exile free download is a free-to-play 3D action RPG with an emphasis on depth, customization. Software has an immersive story with a deep, robust character customization system. Characters can choose from a variety of skills, abilities, unlocking more as they level up. Program world is filled with 6,400 quests, is constantly being updated with new content. Graphics are stunning, with a camera that can be moved freely, fluid animations. Software offers a lot of variety in gameplay. Software has a lot of skills to choose from and you can further customize your character with different passive skills. Combat system is complex, with a variety of skills, gems, items to choose from. You can choose from different classes such as Scion class that uses elemental skills, witch class that uses curses, summons. Player can control camera, is able to use mouse to interact with environment, Path of Exile for PC provides a great experience with its great graphics, detailed gameplay.


Multiplayer mode as well, which is an optional function for game. Players are able to interact with each other through app chat. Furthermore, players are able to trade items with each other. Product download Path of Exile is a game that is played by an individual. Product does not have multiplayer.


Software has a lot of replayability because of many skills, deep combat system, variety of items and monsters. There is a large variety of missions available, some of them are very difficult. Product Path of Exile download for PC offers a random level generation, which ensures that players never play same game twice.


  • What is download Path of Exile for free about?
    Online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is a free-to-play game created by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers. You play an Exile, outcast, prisoner in Wraeclast.
  • What are different difficulties in game?
    Has four difficulties: Normal, Cruel, Merciless, Uber. There are seven challenge leagues with their own difficulties.
  • What are system requirements to run soft?
    Is designed to run on a minimum of a 3.0GHz Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent, 4GB of RAM, a DirectX 9 graphics card with 1GB of RAM and at least 20GB of hard disk space.


Overall, Path of Exile for free is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. Software was released on October 23, 2013. Product is free to play, is supported by micro-transactions. Is a game with a lot of depth, but difficulty level is high. It is designed to be played solely online, it is free to play. Program is played from an overhead perspective, is controlled by a combination of mouse clicks and keyboard commands.


  • Product is very immersive with a beautiful world
  • Software is well balanced with a variety of spells and skills
  • Graphics are very good
  • Application is well organized with map, inventory, skills, more


  • Quests can be repetitive
  • Can be difficult for beginners
  • Does not have a variety of classes

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